8120006 Montageplatte, Stahlblech, 156x95x1,5mm
Mounting plate, 156x95x1,5mm
Material: Sheet metal
8120004 Entwässerungsstopfen
Drainage plug for  9mm hole
Guarantees IP55 protection rating Material: PA6, recyclable
8120003 Wandbefestigungslaschen, Set 4 Stück 
Wall mounting straps (set 4 pieces)
Material: Galvanized and chrome plated steel
8120002 Lüftungseinsatz PG29 - Ø 37mm
Ventilation insert PG29 - Ø 37mm
Material: BAY, recyclable
8120001 Lüftungseinsatz M32 - Ø 32mm 
Ventilation insert M32 - Ø  32mm
Material: BAY, recyclable
8110015 PVC Gehäuse,PC Deckel transparent,220x170x107
PVC industrial housing, transparent cover...
Circumferential seal IP66 protection rating Security against mechanical damage: IK 05 Temperature resistant: -20 to +70 °C Insulating plugs for wall mounting Self extinguishing Including transparent cover
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