Fire protection sleeve size 200mm

7500028 Brandschutzmanschette Ø 200mm
  • 7500028
  • BSMS200
  • 4034338916364
Approved ETA-13/0792 Fire resistance rating EI 120 Wall opening: Two fire protection... more
Product information "Fire protection sleeve size 200mm"
  • Approved ETA-13/0792
  • Fire resistance rating EI 120
  • Wall opening: Two fire protection sleeves
  • Ceiling opening: A fire protection sleeve on ceiling underside
  • Feed through of: Electrical installation pipes, either assigned or unassigned, in this case, cable diameter max. 21mm; Individual pipes up to max. 63mm outside diameter; In bundles up to max. 125mm outside diameter
  • Ideal for installation shafts, for example in older building renovations
  • Minimum space requirements due to low installation height
  • Approved for light partition walls
  • Closure of the remaining opening possible with commercially available materials such as concrete, cement mortar, gypsum plaster
  • Possible for use on already installed pipes using a simple locking technique
  • Sleeve housings may be adjacent in ceiling installation (zero distance)
  • Electrical installation pipes either assigned or unassigned (so that a reserve exists for subsequent installation)
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