Flush-mounted wall outlet sockets

7310077 Unterputz-Wandauslassdose, inkl. Deckel
  • 7310077
  • WAD
  • 4034338515000
  • 60x31x31mm
  • white
For the expert installation of cable outlets With pre-formed anchors for mounting wall... more
Product information "Flush-mounted wall outlet sockets"
  • For the expert installation of cable outlets
  • With pre-formed anchors for mounting wall lights or
  • Integrated pop-out openings for wires and pipes
  • Including cover
  • Material: PS, recyclable
7310133 Unterputz Verbindungsdose mit 11 Kabel- und Rohreinführungen Flush-mounted junction socket with 11 cable and pipe inlets Order number: 7310133 Type: E110 Deepness: 35mm
7310060 Unterputz Abzweigkasten, 80x80mm unmontiert Flush-mounted junction boxes, 80x80mm unmounted Order number: 7310060 Type: E140 Dimensions HxWxD: 85x85x50mm
7310061 Unterputz Abzweigkasten, 100x100mm unmontiert Flush-mounted junction boxes, 100x100mm unmounted Order number: 7310061 Type: E141 Dimensions HxWxD: 105x105x50mm
7310062 Unterputz Abzweigkasten, 150x150mm unmontiert Flush-mounted junction boxes, 150x150mm installed Order number: 7310062 Type: E142 Dimensions HxWxD: 160x160x65mm
7310063 Unterputz Geräte - Verbindungsdose mit seitlichen Klemmräumen Flush-mounted device connection socket with lateral terminal area Order number: 7310063 Type: E510 Dimensions HxWxD: 110x71x45mm
7310129 Unterputz Gerätedose Device socket Order number: 7310129 Type: E106M25 Deepness: 45mm
7310130 Unterputz Gerätedose mit Geräteschrauben Device socket with machine screws Order number: 7310130 Type: E106M25S Deepness: 45mm
7310131 Unterputz Geräte - Verbindungsdose Device connection socket Order number: 7310131 Type: E107M25 Deepness: 65mm
7310132 Unterputz Geräte - Verbindungsdose mit Geräteschrauben Device connection socket with machine screws Order number: 7310132 Type: E107M25S Deepness: 65mm