Digital transformation: implemented today

Industry 4.0 with f-tronic® 

Heading into a paperless future: our digital transition 

f-tronic® stands for innovation, determination and quality. We are a production company that produces 98% of all products at our Saarbrücken site to the highest quality. Correspondingly, we have invested in a new ERP system that can support and visualize challenging production processes. The introduction was carried out in stages without any friction loss.

For control cabinet projects, we’ve introduced new WS-CAD software that guarantees the implementation of requests and orders in no time. An online configurator for our customers should simply and correctly come up with even the most complex control cabinets in a flash. Using the latest technical connection conditions (TCC) from individual energy supply companies (ESC) ensures a high level of safety for configurator users when equipping and constructing a meter cabinet. 

Our production has been automated to the highest level for many years. But who looks at digital processes in administration and sales? Savings of 30-40% are possible here using digital processes and software. Our aim is to have a paperless company in the next 3 to 4 years.
There are great-value professional solutions available to SMEs. Well-known solutions on the market such as ETIM, the most modern master data management system, are now in use. Furthermore, a new PIM database is being introduced that will be enormously valuable for our wealth of product data.

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